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When in the backcountry, make sure you know what you are getting into and with whom, as you may be miles from help. There are many reasons for hiring a professional guide. It is important that when you head into the most amazing depths of the back country that the professionals you hire have adequate training, experience and qualifications. Advanced First Aid, communications, mapping, weather experience, Avalanche Training and Snowmobile Adventures. We will help you develop the knowhow required to negotiate (or navigate) the backcountry safely at your skill level. We will help build on your skills and abilities, make memories and make sure you get home safe!

Avalanche Training

Alpine Academy

The mysterious allure of a mountain attracts thousands of back country enthusiasts every year. A mountain is a sleeping giant and when it awakes knowledge can be the difference between life and death. Our avalanche safety training and snowmobile safety courses will give you the confidence to make your mountain adventures an enjoyable experience.

Avalanche Skills Training (AST1)

The Avalanche Skills Training Level 1 Course will provide an entry-level decision-making framework that is based on the most advanced knowledge available.

To gain AST1 Certification, participants must achieve mastery of the course materials based on the criteria provided by Avalanche Canada. This is an essential entry level avalanche training course that will provide you with the knowledge to help you make good decisions so you can safely enjoy your experience in the backcountry.

Avalanche Skill Training (AST2)

The Avalanche Skills Training Level 2 Course builds on the knowledge gained from our AST1 course. This course will provide you with the framework for a greater understanding of avalanche terrain and provide you with the knowledge to make more advanced decisions as you explore the backcountry. Course certification requires participants to gain mastery of course materials as provided by Avalanche Canada.

Commercial Snowmobile Safety

If your company has personnel working in the backcountry, it is imperative that your employees receive the proper snowmobile safety training. This training includes avalanche training with emphasis on proper trip planning, safe terrain negotiation, hazard awareness, and rescue scenarios. Course certification requires participants to gain mastery of course materials as provided by the BC Snowmobile Federation.

Companion Rescue Training

This one day course was designed for all backcountry enthusiasts and provides the vital knowledge required for immediate rescue situations. This situational training will give participants the understanding on what immediate steps to take to safely respond in a rescue situation.

ATV & UTV Training

Commercial operators looking for Canada Safety Council approved ATV & UTV training. Give your employees the proper training, riding techniques, trip planning, terrain negotiation and hazard identification skills. Training includes PPE requirements, winch skills and safety protocols.

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